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Area of Rescue Systems, Area of Refuge Systems


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  • one or several master stations (command centers) connected on IP
  • up to 32 area of refuge stations per master station connected on 4 wires.
  • Fire rated cabling
  • Fully digital communication
  • full duplex communication between command center and area of rescue station
  • includes dialer to a remote central monitoring station
  • Communication to Central monitoring station on IP or phone line (Contact ID format followed by two way audio)
  • All devices are supervised and a trouble is transmitted to the CMS if a device is missing or not operating properly..

 Area of Rescue Station




  • Two way audio on 4 Watt Speaker + Microphone
  • 4 wires (GND, 24 V,  Com A, Com B
  • fully digital audio
  • fire rated cable




Lit button for night vision

Master (Command Center)

Small is beautiful !

The Command center has a footprint of only 8x8 inches. The user doesn't need a phone or an external mic,, but can talk hands free with the person at the area of rescue.


  • Touch screen
  • two way communication with a single station
  • paging to all stations
  • no external microphone or phone required
  • troubles are reported on the display
  • name of calling area displayed on the screen
  • connects over IP to the network dialer or to the CMS


  • The system uses a daisy chain network based on 4 wires (fire rated cabling, communication and 24 V power). This eliminates the need of home-running all the cables to a command center. 
  • Each node is supervised by a polling protocol
  • optional isolators can be added if T-tapping is needed,  redundancy required or if the length of the segments need to be extended.

Digital communication

  • The system uses a fully digital communication from the area of rescue station all the way to the central monitoring station. And if the dialer is used, the communication is digital on the field network and on the IP network between the master station and the dialer. The benefit is that the line does not pick up any noise as the signal travels through the building.  The sound quality remains perfect even for long distances and in noisy environments.

Network Dialer

  • communicates over POTS to the central station
  • Contact-ID followed by two way audio
  • pre-recorded audio messages
  • supervised
  • only 1 dialer is required for all the stations (cost saving for CMS subscription)