Global Company For Safety Systems

 Sysnova LLC is the industry's leading independent developer of advanced universally compatible integration solutions for the rapidly evolving Mass Notification market. Our core technologies are licensed inside life safety products around the globe, including inside products manufactured by Fortune 100 Companies.

Sysnova's AVISA MNEC System is the perfect cost effective solution to connect your buildings, complexes, or campuses to continuously monitor, manage and respond to your emergency communications requirements.

Sysnova's reliable and effective life safety and mass notification integration solutions can manage your critical emergency communications, whether you have a single contained college campus or a large university system with multiple locations.

Using a scalable hybrid approach of intelligent standalone nodes connected over an IP network, the AVISA MNEC Platform retains the survivability to handle emergency communications locally while leveraging your network's infrastructure to enable campus-wide command and control.

IP Connectivity eliminates the need to replace existing systems, so you can save thousands of dollars. And because it's modular, you can develop a phased schedule for networking all of your buildings, over time, and within your budget, to meet your Mass Notification & Emergency Communications Systems needs.

When seconds count and take-action information must reach your community, you need the reliability and flexibility of the AVISA MNEC System to effectively get the right message, to the right people, at the right time, under all circumstances.